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College Funding and Student Loan Repayment Market Size

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College Funding

Help families retain assets better and avoid excessive student loans during the college decision.
  • Parent’s of College-Bound Students
  • Divorced and Separated Families
  • Grandparents and Other Relatives
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Discover How

In College Success

Best way to save money is to graduate on time. Add the transparency that is missing.
  • Improve Student’s Success
  • Financial Consequence of a Change in Major
  • Help Clients Engage Their Children
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Discover How

Student Loan Repayment

Attract new young professionals with the best repayment option analysis and improve their financial future.
  • Attract the HENRY Professionals
  • Married Couples with Student Loans
  • Client’s Child who Marries Student Loan Debt
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Discover How

Loan Forgiveness and Refinancing

Lower client's payments and help them qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) and evaluate private loan refinancing.
  • Government and Many Non-Profit Employees
  • Married Couples with Proper Tax Filing Strategies
  • High Debt Professionals with Proper Timing of Refinancing
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Discover How

Graduate School Planning

More careers are requiring post-graduate degrees. Proper debt structure will improve repayment and forgiveness options
  • Current Client’s Children and Grandchildren
  • Career Changers
  • Career Advancement ROI
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Discover How

Grandchildren Funding

A material way to reach the current client's next generation and establish a legacy during the wealth transfer
  • Current Client’s Children and Grandchildren
  • Other Relatives
  • Charitable Organizations
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