Creating can improve your quality of life by having knowledge of your options.   Proper financial advice can help you determine your goals, risk tolerance and investment options.  This process can help you minimize or avoid costly mistakes in your financial life.  Our goal based process helps customize your financial options and risks as you move through life.

 By identifying your goals, assets, expenses and unique issues we will help you identify the correct asset allocation.  Our financial plan includes:

  • Goal Analysis
  • Asset Identification
  • Portfolio and Asset Allocation
  • Insurance Review
  • What-if Scenarios
  • Estate Planning Review

Our personal financial planning service normally includes three meeting.  We believe this is required to properly get the value from the meetings and process. The three meetings are:

  • Fact and Data Gathering
  • Initial Results and Outcome Review
  • Final Review and Recommendations


Need for Proper Retirement Planning

With the increased longevity, stock market volatility and the uncertainty of social security many people need to take ownership of their retirement future. This could mean different things to different people but for most people better retirement planning is critical to their financial future.

We take a parallel approach to retirement planning by analyzing your expenses, income sources and assets. This approach better defines your required rate of return and the risk level needed to deliver the retirement life style you desire. Due to recent market volatility having increased flexibility in your planning is important. We believe taking a simple withdraw rate approach or average rate of return is just not sufficient any longer. A more proactive approach to retirement planning is required.

 The retirement planning process has three different stages. Your age and personal situation will determine the stage of retirement planning you need. The three stages are:

  • Retirement Saving
  • Decision Day
  • Retirement Living

 Different approaches and planning techniques are required for each stage.

 Retirement Saving Stage (More than 5 years)

In the Retirement Saving Stage the person usually has more than 5 years until retirement. At this stage we create a goal-based plan to determine where you are in attaining those goals. We prioritize each goal and show the likelihood of reaching each goal. We use a statistical modeling tool to help validate our results.

In this stage you may also be trying to balance the education of your children. Amrein Financial has expertise in this area and can work you through this difficult financial process. To create the proper asset allocation we discuss and review a risk tolerance that fits your goals and personality. It is not a cookie cutter approach but very personalized. What if scenarios are also created to best resolve current and future issues?

 Retirement Decision Day Stage (Within 5 Years)

The Decision Day Stage is a stage of both goal setting and detailed cash flow analysis. Because the retirement date is within 5 years, the client has a much better idea of their actual expenses and the assets they have to fund their retirement. At this stage we can better analyze the optimal retirement date based upon your specific goals and situation.

In this stage, you still have time to make adjustments and can better envision your retirement life style. Creating a plan that offers security and flexibility is critical. If you consider that your retirement may last almost as long as your working career, you need to plan for the various twists and turns. Life is never a straight line. This is often overlooked by most retirees and can cause problems later on in their retirement.

 Retirement Living Stage (In retirement)

In the Retirement Living Stage, you have retired and most of the planning is done to prioritize cash flow. At this stage, we are trying to prevent our clients from running out of money and minimizing their estate tax issues. With increased medical cost and life longevity, this type of planning is critical.

Proper planning during this stage will help improve your quality of life and maintain your own independence.  Other personal retirement issues such as a support network and other personal risks are identifies.

As stated earlier, our firm can handle all the stages of the retirement planning process. We are here to give independent financial advice that will enable you to make the best financial decisions. We do not sell any products, which ensure an unbiased opinion to your future.

 Roth Conversion

A current retirement issue is the Roth IRA Conversion. It is not a simple decision. Tax Free does not always make it better. There are a few major reasons for a Roth Conversion:

  • Reducing the amount for Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)
  • Improving future tax bracket efficiency
  • Educational Tax Planning

 IRA, SEP, 401K or 403B Rollovers

Many people have various retirement accounts for a variety of reasons. In most cases it is beneficial to consolidate these various retirement accounts for estate and portfolio simplification. Please contact us if you need assistance in this decision process.


We also try to make this affordable.  The cost of this plan is $1,800.



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