money_changeOver the years, life has become more complicated and demanding.  Our money management service helps clients minimize the time and worry regarding managing their investments and have a trusted resource to discuss other personal financial issues.  To have access to this service a financial plan is required prior to the start.  This is required so that both parties can feel comfortable and a financial road map can be established.

Our philosophy is to manage your funds with low cost investments and a diversified portfolio.  This will be discussed and created through the financial planning process and is custom to your risk tolerance and financial goals.  The portfolio will include assets that we may not be managing, so that the client can have an overall view of their wealth.

Third Party Custodian

With increase investment fraud, we use a third party custodian to hold and make our investment transactions.  This is done for your security.  At no point will we take possession of your financial assets.  By having a third party custodian, you have access to your accounts and receive reports directly from them.  Our current custodian is TD Ameritrade.

Second Opinion Resource

Many of your personal decisions will impact your financial life.  If you are a money management client, you have access to us to discuss other decision that will impact your financial life.  This may include home purchases, family’s issues, estate planning and others.  We are not experts in all of these fields but can provide other resources that may provide the solutions you need to make the best overall decision.

Money Management Fee

The fee for this service is 1% of assets under management.  It will be billed on a quarterly basis of .25% based on the account(s) value at each quarter end.  This will be March, June, September, and December.  It is billed at the end of each quarter.

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