Our services and approach is to provide sound financial advice at a reasonable cost.  We use a goal based process that requires a series of discussions to understand your concerns and provide a list of solutions to achieve your goals. Listening to your concerns and explaining how to financially reach those goals is the objective of our service.

An important part of our process is to make sure you feel comfortable with the solutions that we are recommending. If a developed solution can’t be implemented then the financial or college planning exercise is useless. Our services try to explain complex financial issues to the level in which our clients feel comfortable with the solutions.

Cost is a major concern within all of our recommendation. We primarily use no-load mutual funds and low expense ratio exchange traded funds (ETFs). Investment flexibility is another important part of our strategies.   Life is full of changes, your financial plan and solutions should be able to support changes without financial penalties. We are continually reviewing our internal costs and value we add for our clients.

Our primary clients are parents and grandparents who are trying to properly plan for retirement and education expenses for their family.  These two family expenses have become very important and complex in recent years. Increases in longevity, investment options, education cost and family structures are just a few reasons why most people use our services. Our personal level of service and communication makes this attractive to many families.

Listed below are our Services:

  • College Funding Solutions
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Student Loan Repayment & Forgiveness